Bureau EXPO

MTOP aanwezig FRED & FRED op de beurs Expo Bureau naar Parijs.

Onthulling van een preview van een oplossing van gevelbeplating en licht ontwerp met een optische oppervlak en controleerbaar via DMX LED-verlichting.


Office Expo is the only French show exclusively dedicated to the development of office space. It meets an identified waiting: companies have become aware of issues related to the quality of work spaces and its impact on their employees.

Indeed, the face of evil being and growing stress employees are much more sensitive to their comfort in their workplace. Competition has the same time exacerbated by economic actors to attract and retain the best talent, while career opportunities are now global. To all this is added the change in organizations, technological change, the willingness to use as a vehicle for external and internal communication these workspaces.

The office is no longer just a place of work, it is a tool for social cohesion, communication, it becomes a competitive advantage. It fosters a culture of own work to each company. To meet these multiple challenges, the workspace is changing and all departments of the company are involved: general management, human resources, general services but also communication, marketing and finance.