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FRED & FRED – Duo light

Sometimes just a small magic wand for
any rocking. Fred & Fred, the design duo
Lille, the Fairy Godmother is embodied in the person of John
Nouvel. In 2010, the famous architect chooses their PiCT® a
glass brick photographic optics for
build the walls of his Pavillon Rouge du Soleil, at the
tenth anniversary of the Serpentine Gallery in London.
“A year later we décrochions the Red Dot Design Award in
Essen, Germany, one of the most prestigious awards in the world
design and decoration, “recalls Frederick Remaud:
“We had the chance to work for the Prince of Jordan
Balenciaga and firm Nelly Rodi trend. “in
Over the years, technology evolves. “Present day,
our job is more akin to the light design, “says
Frederick: “With technology LEDs, we
are now able to illuminate our bricks and
create animated walls. “After launching a collection
lighting to individuals, in 2013,
the design duo is preparing to expand its range and
Currently board on a carrying wall
interactive in a W Hotel in New York … S. H.

Spotted by Jean Nouvel, the duo Fred & Fred designed objects
bright and spectacular amenities for architects
and individuals.