Born of a shared passion for design and photography, Frederic GERVAIS and Frederic REMAUD founded FRED & FRED ® company to rethink and redesign the ways in which we illuminate our living and work spaces. Based on years of design and manufacturing research, the Freds created the innovative optical bloc line of luxury lighting products that can be customized with color, images and video – elevating light to art. Now, they bring their innovative lighting solutions to America.Frederic GERVAIS studied at both the Estienne School and the Beaux Arts in Paris. An expert in the field of photography, Frederic GERVAIS has served as artistic director with the Publicis Groupe. His extensive research within the world of imaging, specifically using multi-lens cameras and the study of ephemeral and changing images, led him to his unique perspective of animated images which was the foundation for the first optical product.

Frederic REMAUD studied at the Olivier de Serres school in Paris, the Paris Val de Marne School of Architecture and the industrial design in the Cambre in Brussels. Frederic REMAUD is an french designer and has worked as a creative designer for Doublet. At Doublet, he proved himself to be a cutting-edge designer, most notably by creating the furniture for the Les Invalides Army Museum in Paris. He is the creator of the original concrete form of optical glass. Based on the Freds’ original design collaboration, they were awarded an Anvar Grant and two OSEO Innovation prizes to finance, research and develop their exclusive optical product line. They also received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2011 for their work.