Our Know-How

Our Craft    FRED & FRED offers innovative, aesthetic interior design solutions that fill your home with light and improve your sense of wellbeing.   At FRED & FRED, we craft light. We have honed our techniques over the past seven years and our clients marvel at the way our gem-like materials illuminate their homes.  Our Know-How    Each of our pieces is the result of experience and skill, a balance between design and the laws of optics.   We strive to harness light and render it ethereal.    Our optical lenses illuminate interiors across the world. Our products have received many international awards for their design and ingenuity.   FRED & FRED, in partnership with Philips, brings your walls to life with the customizable animated pixel surfaces.  Our illuminate BLOX line of luxury lighting products can be used for lamps, doors, stand-alone walls or tiles that be adhered to existing walls to create a high-end custom design.

 The innovative IllumaBlox technology combines patented optics and LED streaming video, allowing endless possibilities for decorating and personalizing your space.   Easy to install and maintain, IllumaBlox are eco-friendly, made from recyclable materials and use no external energy.  FRED & FRED became a member of the exclusive OSEO Excellence Network in 2011.     Our Values   At FRED & FRED we are passionate about what we do and we work meticulously, always striving for excellence.   Our first-class design and production use sustainable materials and we constantly seek to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.   We invite you to review our product information and contact us (link to contact page) to discuss your specific needs.